Launch Pack

All orders come with our complimentary launch pack, including toolbox talk videos, powerpoint presentations and poster artwork.

Streamline workplace skin cancer education.

Empower Your Team with Our Complimentary Skin Cancer Education Launch Pack

Kickstart your workplace's skin cancer awareness with our complimentary Skin Cancer Education Launch Pack! Perfect for busy OH&S managers, this essential toolkit makes it effortless to educate employees about skin cancer and the importance of self-checks. Including everything from educational videos and vibrant posters to a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, this pack supports the implementation of Skin Check Cards and simplifies promoting early detection. Start making a meaningful impact in your workplace today! All matterials can be custom branded at no extra charge

Toolbox Talk Video

In our ongoing commitment to workplace health and safety, we're excited to introduce a new Toolbox Talk video focused on the critical topic of skin cancer prevention. This engaging video is designed to educate all employees about the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure, the importance of regular skin checks, and effective preventive measures. Whether you work outdoors or spend limited time in the sun, this video will provide vital information on recognizing early signs of skin cancer and implementing protective strategies.

Skin cancer education posters

Bring skin cancer awareness front and centre in your workplace with our educational posters! Designed to complement our Skin Check Cards, these posters serve as daily reminders for your team to perform regular skin self-exams. Vibrant and informative, they provide critical information in a glance, ensuring that every employee understands the importance of early detection. Place them in high-traffic areas to maximize impact and foster a culture of health and safety.

Skin cancer powerpoint presentation

Launch your skin cancer awareness program with our comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, included in the Launch Pack! This ready-to-use resource comes equipped with speaker notes, engaging videos, and informative slides designed to help you promote early detection and sun safety in your workplace. It's the perfect tool to educate and inspire your team towards healthier habits